Ascension and armageddon...

I don't subscribe to everything Pane Andow says but there are good elements from my perspective and overall it matches my view of the situation:

- most of the crop circles are hoaxes but some of them are genuine (less than 10%) and are caused by ETs/EDs that want to convey messages to Humanity. So they are real pieces of evidence, real information that we need to rely on to be guided.
- the solar system will be evolving drastically this year and next year. Planet Earth will be undergo a big geological transformation but I won't go until saying that there might be a possible armageddon because I do not believe in it.
Some people were talking about the coming of nibiru for example but it seems that its trajectory has been deflected so we won't be endangered by it.
- do not eat meat or fish because it contains not only proteins but "suffering" energy so to speak, that you absorb and harms your DNA.
- the cabal wants to destroy the pineal gland because they do not want you to do your own Ascension. They want to control you and supervise you as if you were a sheep. Be careful about what you buy and think about the hidden agenda behind the services/products created by a third party, that you use.
- the Universe will be releasing a huge amount of cosmic, loving energy. If you are not ready for that event you will not be able to take advantage of it and improve your DNA. Although I do not believe in a one time opportunity I do believe that 2012 is a huge opportunity, very difficult to miss because the only condition is to have more of Light than darkness inside your soul. Basically you need to be 51% a positive, loving, being of Light, at least.
- we need to protect Gaia with a loving energy coming from a harmonious resonance between every individual that wants to do a smooth Ascension, an Ascension to a peaceful, 4D, freer, wealthier, world where every individual is God.
This is called apotheosis and you can start doing it by meditating!
It also matches the "reboot of the Grid"'s efforts I talked in my previous posts.
- Earth is undergoing a huge magnetic energy shift. We can counterbalance that with meditation.

I don't think that the Sun will be turned into a red giant because this scenario is alarmist. This has a similar flavor as the armageddon view of the cabal that thinks that Earth will be bombarded with meteorites for example, which would destroy most of the life on the planet.
This is one of the very reasons why they put a lot of effort into constructing many, huge, DUMBS over the past 50 years but we know that most of them have been destroyed. So the armageddon scenario is not an option any more.

I believe that his presentations give you a challenge and an opportunity to think about what you need to do to purify yourself, to become lighter, to tune into the cosmic consciousness and increase drastically your freedom.



Preparation for the medidation on June 5th/6th

As you may know, on June 5/6, there is the highly anticipated transit of Venus.
Sun, Venus and Earth will align.
We will see a burst of cosmic loving energy coming from the feminine protective dimension of Venus going through each Human.
It is a huge opportunity for everyone to get rid for ever of the ankle bitters that are still disturbing some aspects of the astral and etheric planes of Gaia, although it seems that they are getting weaker and weaker with each passing day, thanks to the efforts that have been made on the 5th of May, 20th of of May and 27th of May.

Below I am reposting the post made by Cameron Day.

May 27th Update, June 5/6 Meditation and Alignment

Our May 27th, 2012 global group meditation and focus on cleaning up the ankle biter controlled, near-earth grid along with their underground strongholds was an overall success. The ankle-biters always seem to have “fall back positions” where they retreat to, but we were able to clean up another grid they had hijacked and restore it to be a Light Grid once again.  We also emptied out the majority of their underground strongholds that were hooked into this grid.
The light-grid that we took back is connected into our daily emotions, sub-conscious desires and sub-conscious blockages.  I consider this light grid the field of Social Consciousness, and I call it the Social Grid. There is a two-way communication between all humans on Earth and this grid, where we receive information (input) and then send back our own input based on our experiences.  For many thousands of years, this Social Grid was programmed with the “socially acceptable norms” of competition, jealousy, manipulation, control, judgment, dominance, etc.  Now the programming in this grid is being rewritten by the Forces of Divine Light to align with the Divine principles of cooperation, discernment, forgiveness, compassion, wisdom and awareness of our inter-connectedness, to name just a few aspects.
The problem at the moment is that there are 7 billion human lower egos that are trying to feed the old programming back into the newly restored light-grid. Adding to our concerns at the moment is the fact that the ankle-biters are extremely upset at our recent successes in taking back the light-grids of planet Earth, so they are trying to activate old ego-programs in as many people as possible, especially lightworkers.
They focus on lightworkers because we are the ones that are most likely to make conscious choices to dissolve our lower ego programming and align with our Higher Self (Divine Inner Self). The more we align with our Divine Inner Selves, the more we feed back higher Divine energy into the Social Grid.
This ankle-biter retaliation is nothing to be afraid of, but it does require that we push back against their incursions and consciously decide to align with our Higher Self instead of the impulses and thought-patterns of the lower ego. Use the AscensionHelp Self-Clearing principles, these shielding techniques, and consistently say “NO!” to the ankle biters.  Tell them you won’t give them your energy, you won’t feed the ego-based programs and you will keep reclaiming your energy from the old programming.  The more you reclaim your power and stand strong, the less they will want to spend energy on affecting you.

Our Next Global Meditation

“Cobra” is organizing another global group meditation on June 5th/6th 2012. Please see his website below for the details, and join us if at all feasible for you.  We need as many people as possible participating in these actions in order for them to be effective: http://2012portal.blogspot.ca/2012/05/make-this-viral-return-of-goddess-6-5.html
Thank you all so much for participating in these events!  Every person that participates adds tremendous energy, much more than you might think. All of that singularly focused energy allows us to make dramatic, rapid changes to the energetic conditions on our planet.  I expect another impressive victory for the Light on June 5/6, and I hope to see you there!  icon smile May 27th Update, June 5/6 Meditation and Alignment




Another meditation day on the 27th of May 2012

As you may already know the reboot of the grid has been successful on the 20th of May. Most the ankle bitters (a more legitimate name for archons) have been neutralized by being brought back to Source. But it seems that there are still some remaining in the astral and etheric planes (<-- I do not know what that means exactly) of planet Earth, more exactly on its surface and underground.
Therefore we need more meditation. The next meditation session is today.

Below I am reposting a post by Cameron Day.

If you saw my previous blog post about how the global group meditation on May 20th went, you know that we were successful in clearing away the ankle-biter dark grid outside of the Earth’s atmosphere and restoring it to a LIGHT grid. Since then, many of you have noticed that it is easier to connect to the Galactic Core and hold that connection without being distracted or attacked by astral ankle biters.
However, the ankle biters still have underground strongholds where they have been regrouping since last Sunday’s epic victory of the Light.
They also have control of another grid very close to the planet’s surface that is supposed to be a light grid, but has been taken over and corrupted into a dark grid for eons of time.  This “near surface” grid ties into their underground strongholds, so the group focus on Sunday, May 27th will be on completely removing them from the near surface grid and from their underground strongholds.
To participate, you’ll need to do the same thing you did last week:  Connect to the Galactic Core and visualize a pillar of electric blue light coming into your body, filling it with light, then anchor that light into the center of the planet.  Next, focus your intent that all of the ankle biters will be arrested and removed from the Earth’s near-surface grid as well as their underground strongholds.
Finally, visualize the highest, most enlightened future possible for all of humanity and planet earth that includes interaction with benevolent beings aligned with the Universal Christ / Divine Light. See every person filled with high-frequency divine light, acting in accordance with their Higher Self, uncorrupted by the lower ego. Imagine the amazing world that we can and will create together in cooperation and harmony.
Here is the link to Cobra’s blog where this global group meditation is being organized:
Let’s keep the momentum going and continue kicking these astral parasites out of our planetary sphere!
Thank you all for your support!
Much Love,
Cameron Day

I am gonna get up at 4am (JST).



About the highly possible geological event around the 20th of May 2012 PST...

Tolec, from the Andromeda Council told us a few days ago in the notice entitled 05.17.12 re: "Cosmic Event" that a geological event will occur within a few days, many miles away from the western coasts of Unites States in the Pacific ocean. He alerted us on the 17th of May which implies that it will happen around the 20th of May. As you know the 20th of May is the day of the annular eclipse...
That geological event consists of the popping of an undersea volcano with subsequent earthquakes. Although it seems that the material damage will be negligible and the there won't be any physical damage, I think it is better to be more vigilant on that day, especially for those that live on the West coast of United States. In Japan, we might also have some subsequent tsunamis.

It seems that this event aims at destroying the last reptilian undersea base. And this is what is extraordinary because there is apparently no intervention of benevolent extraterrestrials. It is a purely natural process decided by Gaia. My interpretation of that is that Gaia is an intelligence being that heard our voices on the 5th of May, Liberation day, when hundreds of thousands of souls started to visualize the mass arrests and other positive events for planet Earth. I was one of them.

Mother Earth knows now that there are enough Lightworkers willing to protect her by vibrating together in resonance at high frequencies. Therefore she decided to take care of the last reptilian base on her own to protect us. The benevolent ETs/EDs may support her action in a way or another but another independent source says that they would not be allowed to intervene directly. This is according to the channeling of Mark Kimmel. It seems that Mark is able to communicate telepathically with Bren-Ton, member of the mothership Athabantian. You can find the channeling in his last blog post entitled Caution.
Mark Kimmel also talks about the upcoming geological event around the 20th of May.

Tolec adds something interesting.  He says that we are highly likely to see a "very large energy ball, a lighted sphere, which many people call an orb" once the base is completely destroyed. It would be regarded as a marker, as a sign that Gaia has got rid of the last negative physical entities on Earth and that we can now enter a new age, the age of Light and Unity Consciousness.

I live in Japan and 311 was a shock for me, a psychological shock. A lot of physical and negative damage was done unfortunately but the good point from my perspective was that it shifted my consciousness to another level.
I have been thinking for a while that Humanity needed another 311 or 911 but this time a positive one, with no physical damage and very little material damage, if any.
This could be that cosmic event.
That blue ball of energy will show to the people of Planet Earth that Gaia is an intelligent being.
If the event really happens it will also show that the Galactics (benevolent ETs/EDs) are real and Gaia is being monitored, otherwise Tolec and Mark Kimmel would not have been able to get the information prior to the event.

At that stage you would say that it is pure speculation but my third eye (6th sense) says to me that it is very close to Truth.
I cannot wait for what will happen tomorrow.
Of course if nothing happens, I would need to seriously rethink the credibility of my sources as well as my understanding of the physical and non-physical realities.

But in any case, we can at least take advantage of the astronomical configuration by accepting that loving, intelligent, conscious energy coming from the core of the Galaxy to meditate and produce positive images of the world we want to live in.
With so much energy coming from the alignment of Earth, Moon, Sun and the Pleiades, the 20th of May 2012 represents at least a window of opportunity to resource ourselves and change our habits and start shifting to higher realms of consciousness.

And do not forget the crop circles. According to that post, three stargates have opened recently: Antares on May 5th (congruent with Liberation Day), Alnilam on May 16-18th, Indian Ocean on Planet Earth on May 20-22nd (congruent with the annular eclipse).
So we see, on planet Earth, the opening of a gate to a new world... Let us not miss that opportunity.

Another set of crop circles, as described in this Japanese article seems to tell us that the date of May 20th corresponds to a reboot, or birth of a new era. It also seems to tell us that we should pay attention at the period between May 20th and June 5th when planet Venus does her transit in front of the Sun...

Again. There is a huge window of opportunity tomorrow, beginning from May 20th till the 5th of June to reboot the grid of Love and Light on Gaia. The Milky Way, the Solar System and Planet Earth are going to bombard us with positive light energy. Let us refill ourselves with loving Light by taking that energy and sharing it with others by meditating and visualizing the things we wish for that planet: stopping environmental destruction, stopping poverty, mass arrests of the conspirators, disclosure of the whole Truth including the true history of Mankind, the presence of benevolent ETs/EDs around us, the manipulation of Mankind by malevolent ETs/EDs from a long ago, the introduction of a new temporary financial system and other positive events to put us on our way to Ascension to 4D which would begin actually on the 1st of January in 2014 according to Tolec.

For those that make the choice to meditate on the 20th, below is a guided visualization for the reboot of the Grid made by Cobra from Portal2012.



The single work of a Lightworker can help unleash a very powerful Light.

One lightworker working to focus on Light can literally erase the fear of thousands of people, possibly hundreds of thousands of people.
Between 0.001% and 0.1% of the population are needed as Lightworkers to avoid potential cataclysms that would occur if we don't learn to respect Gaia.
That represents between 60,000 and 6,000,000 Lightworkers meditating in resonance. (assuming that the whole Earth population is 6 billions souls.)

With tomorrow's reboot of the Grid, I expect that we will get those numbers if it is not already acquired. I am convinced that we are on our way towards a smooth Ascension with no physical death needed along the way although Gaia will undergo some geological transformations during the process but it will only cause little material damage.

Let us keep meditating.
Let us tune into the vibrations of Gaia.
Let us tune into the vibrations of Light of the whole Universe so that we can ascend smoothly to 4th dimension where Human Life will be drastically improved instead of opposing it as it seems is the case of the illuminati.